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The Rochester Institute of Technology's Big Shot photo project gathers hundreds of volunteers to shine lights on historical landmarks in the nighttime as cameras capture a unique photograph. This year's challenge: Rochester's Kodak Tower. The 19-story building will be the 32nd Big Shot, and this year's photography team is looking for community members to join in painting Rochester history, and a symbol of film photography, with light. The project, beginning in 1987, has made its way across New York State, the country, and overseas.

RIT's 32nd Big Shot will take place on Sunday, September 18, and is free and open to the public. Volunteers are asked to bring their own flashlights to the corner of State Street and Morrie Silver Way no later than 7:30 to prepare for the photo. Those in attendance are asked to wear dark clothing. Teams will be arranged by RIT event organizers and placed around the building to light the final photo. Free parking will be available. For more information, visit