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PHOTOGRAPHY | Behold This Swarthy Face


It's no secret that a great beard, while often hard to find, can truly be a sight to behold. The spectrum of facial hair tends to exist as a fine line between "Why would you do that to your face?" and "Your beard makes me believe in love and hope again." With his series, "Behold This Swarthy Face," local photographer Gerry Szymanski is showcasing men who fall closer to the latter category. Inspired by the Walt Whitman poem of the same name, the bearded and mustachioed gentlemen featured in "Behold This Swarthy Face" is coming to the Roc Brewing Co. this summer.

"Behold This Swarthy Face" will be held at the Roc. Brewing Co., 56 Union Street, through August 29. Free. For more information, visit