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Pat Metheny Unity Band


Pat Metheny and the jazz guitar have been practically synonymous for close to 40 years. He began his illustrious career with a teaching assistantship at the Berklee College of Music in the early 70's. There he worked with fusion-jazz pioneer and legendary educator Gary Burton. Metheny made his recording debut in 1974 and the following year joined Burton's band, which was to be Metheny's first in a long list of collaborations with countless jazz greats. His style includes elements of progressive and contemporary jazz, folk, new age, post-bop, world fusion, and Latin jazz. Metheny's work has been highly influential and critically revered. He has won 19 Grammy Awards and sold thousands of records. But, his greatest credit may very well be his longevity. He has been on the road for more than three decades, playing almost 200 shows a year. The recently formed Unity Band is named after the area of Missouri that Metheny grew up in, but more importantly, he says, "the undercurrent of my musical life has always been one of reconciliation and unification of all the sounds and ideas that I love as one big singular thing."