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Our new website

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Today we welcome readers to City’s new online site, a much-anticipated replacement for a site snuffed out last spring by a massive offsite technical breakdown.

It comes, obviously, with an entirely different look, and over the next few months, it will have a variety of new features. For the moment, we’re having what restaurants would call a soft opening. While the framework and public face are complete, behind the scenes the site is a work in progress. The archives, for example, will be restored and moved to the new site gradually. If you need access to a particular archived article that you can’t locate, please e-mail us at

Meantime, our thanks to the folks at DesertNet, who responded quickly to our call for help and shoehorned the construction of our new site into an already busy schedule. Thanks, too, to Nick Adams and Zack Gilbert, the designers of our previous site, who brought us into the 21st century.

And profuse thanks to all the members of the City staff, who have coped with the stress of all this with an enthusiasm and grace that are humbling. Particular thanks to our art department and the lead person on the creation of the temporary WordPress site and the Foundation site you see now, Matt DeTurck, and to our new-media chief on the editorial side, Eric Rezsnyak.

– Bill and Mary Anna Towler, publishers