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ORCHESTRAL | Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage



Star Wars? Schmar Wars. It all started with "Star Trek." OK, there's Buck Rogers, but come on, Star Trek was epic just in the way it has permeated our vernacular for the last 50 years. You could say it has lived long and prospered. This concert is set to stun with a lush orchestral performance of music from the TV series which ran 79 episodes and spawned multiple spin-offs on TV as well as the big screen. Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage -promises to cover it all while beaming up iconic clips on a big, 40-foot-wide screen. To miss this show would be illogical.

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage will be performed on Tuesday, February 16, at the Auditorium Theatre, 885 East Main Street. 7:30 p.m. $35-$70.

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