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OLD-TIME FOLK | Chatham Rabbits


An acoustic husband-wife duo, Chatham Rabbits takes you down a country road of mellow folk music pulsing with familiarity. Banjo player and vocalist Sarah Osborne McCombie and singer-guitarist Austin McCombie pay homage to old-time folk music in its recently released debut studio album, "All I Want from You." Chatham Rabbits churns out quaint, rustic vibes that allow the soul to breathe, mixing folk with Americana and soft country. Get back to your roots with delicate, fingerpicking string timbres and heart-wrenching male-female vocal duets.

Chatham Rabbits will perform on Tuesday, July 23, 7:30 p.m. at Abilene Bar & Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way. $10. 232-3230.;