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News from Week Past 6/27

Demolition began on the old Cataract Street brew house. The building was the subject of a fierce preservation battle earlier this year, but in the end, the city agreed to let North American Breweries tear down the historic building to construct a museum, microbrewery, restaurant, and other amenities on Cataract Street in the city's St. Paul corridor.

The City of Rochester received $15 million from the feds to construct the first phase of the intermodal station on Central Avenue. It would replace the existing Amtrak station and house trains and intercity buses. There are questions, though, about the need for the new station. The main justification is to prime the city for high-speed rail, but the concept seems to have lost momentum in some circles, including Congress.

Rochester City Council approved a one-year moratorium on natural gas exploration and extraction in the city. Council members said the moratorium is needed because there hasn't been sufficient research into the impact of fracking in urban areas, and that the process "may pose a significant threat to the health, safety, and welfare" of residents and visitors.

State lawmakers agreed to provide the public with limited access to teacher and principal evaluations. The decision has been controversial, since some lawmakers supported full disclosure of all information pertaining to the evaluations. But Democrats and Republicans agreed on a version introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo that makes scores available on the State Education Department's website, but keeps identities under wraps.

Students who were involved in vandalizing the School of the Arts were allowed to graduate, but they had to complete 10 hours of community service first. The punishment followed an investigation by school officials into damages that included spray painting SOTA's entrance.