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New plans revealed for Cobbs Hill Village


Rochester Management has posted new plans for Cobbs Hill Village, the senior affordable-housing complex on Norris Drive, in an advance of a public meeting tonight.

The firm wants to replace the current single-story buildings with new, larger ones, and that brought objections from some neighborhood residents and environmentalists when the plan was released a year ago. A major problem: the housing is within Cobbs Hill Park, on property leased to Rochester Management. Critics have said that multi-story buildings won’t be compatible with the park.

Last year’s plan called for 104 apartment units in four-story buildings; the new plan reduces that to 98 units in two- and three-story buildings. There would also be a small fitness room, a computer lab, and an indoor community space.

Current residents would be able to live in one of the new apartments for the same rent.

A Rochester Management press release says that the changes are a result of input from the neighbors, other community groups, current residents, and city officials. The changes, the press release says, have led to a $2.5 million increase in the project’s cost.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at New Life Presbyterian Church, 243 Rosedale Street.

Rochester Management's new plans calls for two-and three-story buildings. - ROCHESTER MANAGEMENT
  • Rochester Management
  • Rochester Management's new plans calls for two-and three-story buildings.