Native Land

Rated NR 80 minutes 1942

A U.S. Senate investigation is the unlikely source material for this docudrama, which weaves together news coverage and lengthy reenactments of attacks on labor organizing during the Great Depression. The stories include that of a stool pigeon (Howard da Silva) spying on a union, a black sharecropper (Louis Grant) ]and a white sharecropper (Houseley Stevenson) murdered after seeking a raise and a farmer (Fred Johnson) assaulted for speaking up at a public meeting. Paul Robeson narrates and sings.

Film Credits

Director: Leo Hurwitz and Paul Strand

Writer: Leo Hurwitz, David Wolff and Paul Strand

Cast: Art Smith, James Hanney, Fred Johnson, Mary George, John Rennick, Amelia Romano, Houseley Stevenson, Howard da Silva, Vaughn King, Tom Pedi and Louis Grant

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