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MUSIC/COMEDY | Blanket Fort Festival


We love mash-ups. Whether it's chocolate and peanut butter or Jay-Z and The Beatles, the end result is usually more wonderful than weird. Blanket Fort Festival is a mash-up of sorts. This event combines an evening of music and comedy under a massive blanket fort held indoors at The Yards collaborative art space on the grounds of the Rochester Public Market. Imagine a night out that actually feels like a night in, or maybe vice-versa. Blanket Fort Festival? Now can someone do the same thing for ship in a bottle? Featuring stand-up by Mikey Heller, Colin Burgess, Lucas Gardner, Jon Schuta and more. Music by Josh Netsky Band and Evan Van Kouwenberg.

Blanket Fort Festival takes place Thursday, March 14, 7:30 p.m. at The Yards, 50-52 Public Market. $3.