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Chicago-based musician and comedian Matt Griffo is no stranger to Rochester. Not only has he performed at the Rochester Fringe Festival, but things will come full circle cosmically when he plays Comedy @ The Carlson on Friday and follows in his maternal grandparents' footsteps. Before The Carlson became a comedy club, the building was home to Stromberg-Carlson — a company that made telecommunications equipment and electronics — where his grandparents both worked. It's indeed a small world, and Griffo's musical world is an odd and endearing one. Griffo plays comedic songs with a warm pop-rock sensibility. Accompanying himself with piano and ukulele, he sings with a Broadway-esque sheen that is only enhanced by his exuberant delivery and quirky charisma. The music is undeniably earnest, but Griffo's clever, at-times laugh-out-loud narratives avoid the risk of being cloying. Imagine if Ben Folds wrote comedic musicals, and you'll get close to Griffo's vibe.

Matt Griffo and local musical comedy duo Hardwood play Friday, February 21, 8 p.m. at Comedy @ The Carlson, 50 Carlson Road. $15. Ages 21 and over. 426-6339.;