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Music Review: “Shake”


Gary Holt



It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Gary Holt's first CD, "Because I Can." Well, apparently this legendary local producer has a plethora of material banging around in his head that he wants to get out, because in less than a year, here he is with numero two: "Shake." This new one is a bit of a polyrhythmic puzzlement with Holt incorporating congas and assorted percussion, steel drum, and standard studio fare to a batch of intriguing tunes. It's got attitude. It's got cool. It's got guts.

Some like the title track have great big funky balls. Holt holds down bass, guitar, keys, vocal, and programming duties but leaves room for a small army of Rochester musical elite like John Dady, Tony Padilla, and Paul Mastriani to name a precious few. "Shake" sounds like a party for doing just that ... along with some rattling and rolling.