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MUSIC EVENT: Spectra Records’ Last Band Standing


Now that any DIY-minded musician can release an album with a laptop and a pair of scissors, there’s simply no thrill of “getting signed” to a major record label anymore, right? Hardly. Spectra Records doesn’t think so either, and their nationwide search for the “Last Band Standing” includes local competition among bands across the genres. Vying for regional victory will be 31 Goings, A Thousand Shades of Cold, Break the Silence, Cry to the Blind, Forget Me in Vegas, Never Going Home, Shadows of the Past, Visions, and Slur (watch out for Slur; “hardcore and sober” is downright fierce). The price is right too, at a little more than a buck per band, and a whole lotta suspense.

Saturday, February 12
German House, 315 Gregory Street
8 pm / $10 / 473-5070