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Mural mystery


Ann Braverman has pieces of the moon in her home. | The scraps were part of "The Bounty of the West Wind" mural that was on the back of the small retail plaza at the corner of East Avenue and Winton Road in southeast Rochester. | One side of the mural, created by local artist Krysia Mnick in 2003, depicted a woman with flowing hair; on the other was a series of racially diverse outstretched hands. | But the mural was falling apart, so the plaza owner recently had most of it painted over. Part of the section facing Winton is still there, but it, too, is deteriorating: a chipped moon hovers over a disintegrating blue landscape. | Braverman, a member of the Culver University East neighborhood group, says that part of the mural will probably be painted over, too. CUE may try to raise money to put up another mural at the same spot, she says. | A side note: part of the mural was behind a memorial garden planted for CUE's founder, Margaret Dunlay. The garden was marked by a metal plaque, but the plaque was recently stolen. | "We feel terrible," Braverman says.