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Monroe County unveils COVID-19 dashboard as confirmed cases reach 300


The Monroe County public health department, which started mapping the local spread of coronavirus cases last week, unveiled a new online dashboard for tracking the disease on Tuesday.

The health department said a large batch of test results, some of which came from samples collected a week ago, arrived on Tuesday, resulting in a jump in confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Three hundred people have now been diagnosed with the disease in Monroe County, up 43 from Monday.

“The spike in confirmed cases since yesterday DOES NOT represent a corresponding spike in the number of people who have become infected since yesterday,” the health department said in an emailed update.

The county also reported another death from the disease on Tuesday, bringing the total to nine.

Of the new cases announced Tuesday, 10 were in people in their 20s, and three were in people in their 80s.

Although older adults are at a greater risk of serious health complications and death from COVID-19, young people are far from immune — several have been treated in local intensive care units.

The county said a total of two dozen people were being treated for COVID-19 in an ICU on Tuesday.

Brett Dahlberg is a health reporter for WXXI News, a media partner of CITY. He can be reached at