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Monroe County sees second COVID-19 death


A second person stricken with COVID-19 has died in Monroe County, the public health commissioner, Michael Mendoza, announced Monday.

A statement from the commissioner read that the patient died at Unity Hospital but provided no further details, citing privacy reasons.

The death comes less than a week after that of 54 year-old Alvin Simmons, who died on March 17. Simmons was an employee at Rochester General Hospital.

“I would like to express my sincerest sympathy for the individual’s family and friends,” Mendoza said in a statement.
The county separately announced Monday that there were 80 confirmed cases, up 12 from the previous day. Eleven patients are hospitalized and five are in intensive care. An additional 395 people are in mandatory quarantine, but the county advises everyone who is able to stay home to do so.

On Sunday, the county released data showing that 1,168 people had been tested for the disease and that 68 had tested positive.

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