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Monroe County positive COVID tests hit 4 percent


Over the past week, an average of nearly 4 percent of daily COVID tests given in Monroe County have come up positive.

The daily positive test rates have been ticking upward since October, resembling results seen during the height of the pandemic. On Nov. 9, Monroe County reported 17 percent of tests returning positive. That's the highest since March, when the rate hit a height of 23 percent positive on March 30, according to data from the county.

Far more tests are now being given than earlier in the pandemic. On March 30, the seven-day daily average of COVID tests being given was only 201. On Nov. 9, it was 1,485.

On Tuesday, the county reported 217 new cases of COVID-19, and 1,391 active cases, the highest of any point since testing began. 136 people are currently hospitalized, and 31 are in intensive care.

Across New York, 1,548 people are hospitalized, the highest since June 14. A spike of 104 hospitalizations on Monday is the highest seen in the state since April.

Of the new Monroe County cases, 61 people are in their 20s, 42 people are in their 50s and 26 people are in their 60s.

To date, 307 Monroe County residents have died from COVID-19.

James Brown is a WXXI News reporter. WXXI is a media partner of CITY.