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METALCORE | Sirens and Sailors


Local metalcore band Sirens and Sailors originally formed in 2005 as a trio and has evolved over time into a quintet. Featuring lead vocalist Kyle Bihrle, guitarist-vocalist Todd Golder, rhythm guitarist Jimm Lindsley, bassist-backing vocalist Steve Goupil, and drummer Doug Court, Sirens and Sailors unleashes heavy metal anthems with galvanizing energy. Brace yourself for mathematically complex guitar lines and mythical lyrics about life, death, and personal torment. Using jagged, stuttered rhythms, the band switches between harsh-voiced verses, catchy chorus melodies, and intense instrumental breakdowns.

Sirens and Sailors will perform at Summer Fest, along with Such Gold, Nightmares, Destroy Create, Reps, Soma Slumber, So Last Year, and more, on Saturday, August 31, 4 p.m. at Anthology, 336 East Avenue. $15 advance; $17 door. Ages 16 and over with ID. 484-1964.;