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METALCORE | I The Breather


Christian bands tend to get a bad rap for being considered junior-varsity alternatives to the secular mainstream. But anyone who has heard I The Breather can testify that this group is neither meek nor lame. The Baltimore-based quintet is tough, fast, sonically out-of-control and blessed with the ability to make the abrasion sound beautiful. Chalk it up to divine intervention that I The Breather wraps its aggressive riffs around the catechism and makes it look so easy. This complex not-of-this-world music earned the group more than 1 million hits on YouTube for its single "Forgiven." Expect a multitude of fans to descend upon Dub Land for a night of heavy worship. With Palisades, Wolves at the Gate, Thoughts in Reverse, Into the Harbor, and Define Normal.

I The Breather performs Thursday February 28, 5 p.m. at Dub Land Underground, 315 Alexander St. $10-$12. 232-7550.