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METAL | Oceano


Oceano will give you a sonic pummeling. With deep, chest-rattling growls that exhaust themselves over machine gun kick drums and guitars sprinting through down-tuned riffs, the Chicago-based band will beat your senses to a bloody mess and leave you winded. Oceano came out fists swinging in 2009 with the brutish, deathcore staple "Depths," but the band has seen its ups and downs over the last few years. It looks like lead vocalist Adam Warren, the last original member, still has some anger to let loose, though. Oceano has picked up four new musicians and is touring off a new album, "Ascendants," just released March 23.

Oceano will play with The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Lorna Shore, Martyr Defiled, and Boris The Blade on Friday, April 3, at The California Brew Haus, 402 West Ridge Road. 6 p.m. $13.;