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METAL | Immortal Bird


My instinct when listening to Immortal Bird's "Empress/Abscess" is to steadily keep hitting that volume up button. Every time. I don't notice I'm doing it until the song ends and — holy shit, why are my ears ringing? It took me a few spins of the Chicago band's debut full-length to realize why it's happening: There's a lot going on — a lot of dark, ferocious beauty to dissect — and it's compulsive to turn it up to capture it all. Immortal Bird starts at blackened death metal, but there's sludge, thrash, crust, and a little prog thrown into the mix — also the word "greasy" gets tossed around a lot. There's a brutal mass of powerful sub-genres and influences swirling around, and Immortal Bird beats it all into its will.

Immortal Bird plays with Mavradoxa, Ferus Din, and Dark City on Thursday, January 4, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $10. 21 and older show.;