Recently, Andrew Cuomo was inaugurated for his second term as New York State governor. On the same day, his father, Mario Cuomo, passed away.

There were many eulogies and tributes from famous politicians to the elder Cuomo, a three-term governor of the state. Being a layperson, I would like to share my personal experience with him in Rochester.

In August 1978, Monroe County sponsored several free RPO concerts at the Highland Park Bowl. Mario Cuomo, displaying his oratorical skills, was narrator in Copland's orchestral work, "A Lincoln Portrait."

I was soloist in Bach's Concerto No. 2 and Bartok's Rhapsody No. 1, both for violin and orchestra. The concert had an enthusiastic audience of almost 15,000.

During the rehearsal, while backstage, we visited for over 30 minutes. Talking comfortably, Cuomo impressed with his vision of what needed accomplishing in New York.

My private audience was a great honor.