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University of Rochester

John Hager 23, physics grad student

Hometown: Bath

Places to go: Movies 10; Wegmans

Eats: Olive Garden; Aladdin's

On campus: Events in the quad

Brendan Lyons 20, junior chemistry major

Hometown: Attica

Things to do: Campus bike trail along the river and the canal path

Hang-outs: Common Ground; Jay's Diner

Eats: Park Avenue, when parents are in town

Dave Clader 26, physics grad student

Hometown: Rochester

Hang-outs: Java's; Spot

Eats: Cafe Cibon; The King & I

Cheap food: Blue cheese on the side at Mama Mia's (Geneseo)

Yorda Yenenh 19, political science major

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Hang-outs: Eastview Mall; Common Ground; academic quad

Places to eat: Park Avenue; Schoen Place

Things to do: Bhangra dancing

Kelsey Ferranti 20, anthropology major

Hometown: Rochester

Place for a picnic/date: The castle and secret garden by Mt.Hope; Cobbs Hill reservoir

Window shopping: Barnes & Noble; Parkleigh

Things to do: Free salsa dancing lessons at Tapas; student discount movies at Pittsford Cinemas


Margret Donahue 20, junior biology major

Hometown: Newtown, Connecticut

Hang-outs: Spot; Comix Cafe

Eats: Panera Bread

Things to do: Latin frat = good parties; free movies at Ingle Auditorium; free sign language lessons at No-Voice-Zone

Aura Broida 22, junior fine art/photo major

Hometown: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Eats: Wang's Chinese

Hang-outs: Borders

Things to do: Beach at Charlotte; gallery openings at Ro/Co, MemorialArtGallery, door 7; Public Market

Jonathan Mervine 20, senior economics major

Hometown: Buffalo

Hang-outs: Javas; Spot; Milestones; East End; Old Toad trivia nights

Eats: Pita Pit; Tandoor; Wegmans; Java Wally's

On Campus: Poker tournaments; free food at student union; pick-up football and Frisbee games behind Gracies

Things to do: Carload to OntarioBeach and GeneseeValleyPark

Fay Yuen 24, human resources development grad student

Hometown: Hong Kong

Hang-outs: Gym

Adventure: State parks like Stony Brook and Fair Haven

Place for a date: Little Theatres

Nubia Hassan 21, biomedical photo major

Hometown: New York City

Hang-outs: Barnes & Noble in Pittsford; library; shows at Eastman Theatre

Eats: Aladdin's; Taco John's; CheeburgerCheeburger

Things to do: Drive to Lake Ontario/Charlotte

Jess Suworoff 22, advertising/photo grad student

Hometown: Accokeek, Maryland

Hang-outs: Lollipop Farm; bike trail along the canal; Charlotte

Eats: Patrik's Culinary Kreations; "takeout at Sticky Lips with fried pickles --- good enough to eat for dinner"

Things to do: Movies at the Dryden


Brandon Holb 18, sophomore liberal arts major

Hometown: Spencerport

On-campus hang-out: OutFlakes for coffee and food --- cheaper than Starbucks!

Off-campus hang-out: Area 51 for video games

Eats: Macaroni Grill

Can't-miss events: Spring Fling and orientation events

Kyle Madden 20, business administration major/student government president

Hometown: Henrietta

Place for lunch: Panera Bread, DiBella's

Can't-miss event: MCC Idol

Hang-outs: Cafeteria, Brick Lounge


Laurie Maskelony 22, senior theater major

Hometown: Tully

Places to go: Along the canal to downtown (musicians on good days)

Eats: Coal Tower Restaurant; Hogan's Hideaway; Aja Noodle Company; KC Tea Noodles; Highland Diner

Late-night hang-outs: 24-hour Wal-Mart; Gitsi's Texas Hots; Jay's

On campus: Diversity dinner put on by Casa Italiana and Casa Espana (also fashion show)

Jessie M. Brown 24, education grad student

Hometown: Lowville

Hang-outs: Bill Wahl's; Schoen Place

Late-night spots: Mex; Daisy Dukes

Tip: "Students can reserve free tickets to plays at the arts center"

Alexander Eustice 21, senior philosophy major

Hometown: Madison, Connecticut

Places for a date: Spot; Javas; Aladdin's; ACME Bar & Pizza; Phillips European

Reading spots: Library; front steps of Golisano at night; bleachers near the clock tower

Eats: Shanghai; Cantonese House

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