After some brief holiday downtime, local galleries and museums are back in full force. So you have an array of culture to choose from, if you're into that kind of thing.

At Rochester Contemporary, 137 East Avenue, Deborah Jack's Lift/Left, an installation of video, sound, text, and still images, is on display January 13 through February 12. The primary motif, bodies moving through water, conjures stories of captured Africans who jumped from slave ships.

A\V, the space devoted to displays of art and sound, is letting its talented curators have a go in its Curators Show, on display through January 28. Find A\V at 8 Public Market or at

Spirit Stands Still, on display from January 13 to March 26 at the Community Darkroom Gallery at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education (713 Monroe Avenue), is the work of five photographers featured in the center's Meet the Photographer lecture series. 271-5920,

The Evolutionary Girls Club (this restrictive sounding name is actually for an all-inclusive artists' group) has their annual local exhibit and auction --- this year titled Memory Making Meaning --- at Visual Studies Workshop (31 Prince Street) through February 12.

At the new BaobabCulturalCenter, devoted to African culture, has a rich mixed-media exhibit continuing through February 3. Baobab is in the German House, 315 Gregory Street, 546-4790. One of the city's newest venues, Image City Photography Gallery (722 University Avenue, 271-2359), has Ahron Foster's Out of the Gates through January 22. New shows go up every three weeks. The Center at High Falls Art Gallery (60 Browns Race, 325-2030) will open three new exhibits on January 20 to continue through February 26. Work and Working, unseenamerica, and We Not Me (city photographer Ira Srole on Bill Johnson's tenure).

At the universities: University of Rochester's Rush Rhees Library has Oh Death!: Death, Dying and the Culture of the Macabre in the Late Middle Ages through March 17. (275-0110) At SUNY Brockport Alternative Girlhood: Diaristic Indulgence and Contemporary Female Artists has the art of 11 female artists --- whose mediums are comics, graphic novels, and zines --- from January 24 to February 19. (395-2805) The NTID Dyer Arts Center at RIT is bringing the traveling exhibit The Allen Sisters: Pictorial Photographers 1885-1920 from January 16 to March 3. (475-6855 or And an Art Faculty Exhibition at the Davison Gallery at Roberts Wesleyan continues through January 26. (594-6442)

George Eastman House will show an exhibit Robert Weingarten called 6:30 AM: the 19 brilliant-colored photographs of Malibu mornings will be displayed January 14 through February 12 on the museum grounds, amid the winter weather. Another respite amid the snow is Picturing Eden, 133 contemporary contemplations of paradise, on view January 28 through June 18. And opening February 18 are photos of Paris by Eugene Atget and Christopher Rauschenberg., 271-3361

In step with the persistent "extreme" trend, the Memorial Art Gallery (500 University Avenue) opens Extreme Materials January 29. It's work made with, well, trash: fish skins, carrots, rubber tires, duck sauce packets, etc. But I mean that in the best possible way. See the "nontraditional" artworks through April 9.

The horse-drawn sleigh rides at Granger Homestead have proved so popular the museum added another sleigh. Dash through the snow Sunday afternoons through mid-March, weather permitting. Granger Homestead is on North Main Street in Canandaigua. Call ahead for availability: 394-1472.

RochesterMuseum and ScienceCenter (657 East Avenue) opens Expedition Earth Glaciers & Giants on January 21. See the inside of a glacier, walk where mastodons did, visit a dig site., 697-1944

StrongMuseum (1 Manhattan Square), the National Museum of Play, has extended the stay of the Think Tank exhibit to February 26. The riddles, teasers, puzzles, and games are all there to help kids exercise their brains., 263-2700

And check City's weekly listings for gallery and museums events throughout the season.

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