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LITERATURE | Amanda Jacobs with the Jane Austen Society


This weekend, Jane Austen fans can get an inside look at summer life in Austen's village when Amanda Jacobs, the producer and writer of "Pride and Prejudice: a Musical," gives a lecture on her time spent at the Chawton House. The house — an Elizabethan manor home in Hampshire, England — was formerly the home of Jane Austen's brother, Edward, and is now the home to a center dedicated to the study of early English women's writing, exploring works from 1600 to 1830. As a representative for the Jane Austen Society of North America, Jacobs spent the summer of 2014 in England composing music and producing a concert in Austen's churches in London and Godmersham. The lecture will be hosted by the Rochester chapter of the Jane Austen Society.

Amanda Jacobs will speak to the Jane Austen Society of Rochester on Saturday, May 16, at Barnes & Noble in Pittsford Plaza, 3349 Monroe Avenue. Free. 1 p.m. 473-4973.