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The William A. Kern Lecture Series will kick off on Wednesday, January 30, with a 2 p.m. lecture by Min-Ha Pham titled, "Personal Style Blogs and DIY Race: On Race, Aesthetics, and Capitalism." The talk will examine influential personal style blogs, such as those kept by Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble) and Bryan Grey Yambao (aka BryanBoy) as a lens through which we might examine the new construction and value of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class in the age of social media.

The following day, Thursday, January 31, at 6 p.m., a second lecture in the Kern series will be offered by John Tagg, who will present "Discipline and Protest: Thinking Photography after Foucault." Tagg's talk will look at the emergence of photo theory and new kinds of theoretically informed photographic practice in the 1970's, in a decade of social conflict and political activism in Britain.

The lectures will take place in the Carlson Auditorium at Rochester Institute of Technology (Lomb Memorial Drive, Henrietta), and are free to attend. For more information, call 475-2057.