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LECTURE | "Tattoo Traditions of Turtle Island"


I sometimes joke with my friends that you're more of an anomaly these days if you don't have any tattoos. Though getting inked is a relatively commonplace practice, we often overlook the varied, globe-spanning traditions that tattooing emerged from, and the meaning behind certain permanent marks. This includes tattooing traditions that were practiced for thousands of years in this region as well.

On Saturday, October 8, author, researcher, and archeologist Lars Krutak and Ganondagan curator Michael Galban will present "Tattoo Traditions of Turtle Island," a lecture on the various forms of tattooing across indigenous cultures of North America. Krutak's book, "Tattoo Traditions of Native North America," is the first published on this subject, and explores how tattooing reflected tribal social organization and related to beauty, power, spirituality, medicine, and identity. Galban (Washoe/Paiute), interpretive programs assistant and curator at the Seneca Art & Culture Center, will present on tattoo traditions among the Northeastern Woodland peoples specifically.

The event will take place from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Ganondagan's Seneca Art and Culture Center (7000 County Road 41 in Victor). Admission is $8 for the general public, and $5 for Friends of Ganondagan members. For more information, call 924-5848, or visit