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KIDS | Rochester Robotics/Ro Cha Cha Ruckus


Robots are going to take over the world and overthrow humans one day, so why not gather some intel on the enemy before it's too late? Attend the Rochester Museum and Science Center's Rochester Robotics Weekend. The event is meant to provide a glimpse into the current robotics industry while also showcasing some of the modern applications of robots. But it's not all educational, as visitors will also have several hands-on opportunities, including the ability to take control of a fully functional LEGO robot. The event runs Saturday through Monday, October 12-14, and with specific activities noon-4 p.m. Rochester Robotics activities are included in the price of museum admission, $11-$16. The museum is located at 657 East Ave. For more information visit

Also be sure to check out this year's Rah Cha Cha Rukus event, a three-on-three robot competition that, this year, will feature robots competing in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. If you're curious as to how a robot even goes about throwing a disc, then come down to the Main Street Armory (900 E. Main St.) and check out this competition on Saturday, October 12, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. For more information visit