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KIDS | Home experiment: Insect hotel


Each week, Rochester Museum and Science Center posts short, educational and DIY videos to its YouTube channel that keep youngsters engaged in a range of science topics, filed under its Curiosity Bites, Animal Meet & Greet, and Science at Home series. This past Monday, RMSC’s cheerful RMSC President & CEO Hillary Olson introduced kiddos to millipedes — “nature’s decomposers” — by cheerfully spouting facts while fearlessly handling an arthropod to normalize comfort with creepy crawlies. Olson closed the bit by encouraging kids to head into the woods and look under leaf litter for the little dirt dwellers. This Friday, RSMC will follow up with a short video hosted by Angela Cannon-Crothers, Environmental Education Coordinator at the Cumming Nature Center, with instructions on building a backyard insect hotel, to increase biodiversity that you can study up close in your very own garden.

The video will be posted on Friday, May 22, at 2 p.m. Free to view here, along with the whole backlog of educational videos.