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KIDS | Drag Story Hour


When you really think about it, children and drag queens are an obvious fit: they both use their imaginations to express themselves creatively, love playing dress-up, and have a natural affinity for bright, shiny objects. Now, Blackfriars Theatre is partnering with The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley to finally bring these two groups together for Drag Story Hour, a six-event series hosted by "RuPaul's Drag Race" alum, Mrs. Kasha Davis. Each session will feature a story read by Davis, plus a bit of groove-shaking dance party and a special craft activity. Through all the fun, the event hopes to encourage self-acceptance and teach young children to embrace what makes us unique.

The Drag Story Hour kicks off Saturday, September 23, with a reading of "Princess Pigsty," at Blackfriars Theatre, 795 East Main Street. 10 a.m. Admission is free. Other readings will take place October 21, December 30, February 17, March 24, and May 12. 454-1260;