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JAZZ | Vlatkovich Tryyo


West Coast trombonist extraordinaire Michael Vlatkovich has played with stars like Peggy Lee, Brian Setzer, and Bryan Adams. His skillful sliding has also enlivened the soundtracks of movies like "The Mask," "Jingle All The Way," and John Cassavetes' "The Tempest." But when Vlatkovich takes the reins, he prefers to improvise on the wild side with his own Vlatkovich Tryyo. With Jonathan Golove on electric cello and Damon Short on drums, the group has a sound as eclectic as its unlikely combination of instruments.

The Vlatkovich Tryyo performs Monday, March 4, 8 p.m. at the Bop Shop, 1460 Monroe Ave. $10 donation requested. 271-3354,