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It's a little bit like whispering down the lane but with instruments and excellent players. A group of Rochester musicians will celebrate International Jazz Day with Spontaneous Duos. "Musician one" will play solo for five minutes. Then "musician two" will join in, improvising all the way. After five more minutes, "musician one" will leave and "musician three" will join in with "musician two." Players will enter and leave every five minutes until everyone has played. Among them are pianists John Nyerges and Andy Calabrese, saxophonist Vince Ercolamento, flautist Tim Forster, vocalist Sara Rogers, bassist Danny Ziemann (pictured), and many more.

Spontaneous Duos (presented by The Institute for Creative Music) takes place Thursday, April 30, at The Eastman School of Music's Messinger Hall One, northeast corner of Gibbs Street and East Avenue. 7 p.m. Free. 274-1100;

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