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JAZZ-SOUL | Brahim


Take your time and unwind with local jazz octet Brahim. Consisting of two drummers, two keyboardists, a singer, a rapper-DJ, as well as bass and sax players, this talented collective of young musicians is expected to release its debut studio album soon. Providing great music for an evening in an intimate cocktail lounge, Brahim performs a languid mix of R&B, jazz, pop, and soft rock. Vocalist Abe Nouri whispers light, airy melodies, his tenor voice emitting a crisp, jazzy clarity over the echoes of breathy saxophone, brushing drums, and twinkling keyboard timbres. Brahim performs sophisticated soliloquies that are dripping with poetic lyricism, smooth ambiance, and explosive dynamic contrast.

Brahim will open for The Funky Knuckles on Saturday, July 13, 9 p.m. at Anthology, 336 East Avenue. $15. 484-1964.;