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JAZZ | Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri


Transylvania may be etched into our collective memory because of a famous vampire novel, but it's a real place with fascinating musical roots. Romanian pianist Lucian Ban was born there, and when he teams up with violist and violinist Mat Maneri, get ready for an evening of Transylvanian doinas, re-interpretations of works by Enesco and Bartok, and original pieces. Ban and Maneri's "Transylvanian Concert," an award-winning 2013 album, is a haunting mixture of jazz and chamber music that Jazz Times termed "as close as it gets to Goth Jazz."

Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri play Monday, October 17, at Bop Shop Records, 1460 Monroe Avenue. 8 p.m. $20; $10 students. 271-3354;;