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JAZZ/FUNK | AudioInFlux



When you take five talented musicians with a diversity of influences and stick them into a studio together, you're bound to end up with an original sound. AudioInFlux is exactly that: a genre-bending fusion of jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul, and reggae, with soulful vocals and imaginative rhymes. Starting out in 2007 as a studio project, the band went through a handful of members, but its most notable lineup was complete once emcee MdotCoop joined two years later. Before its breakup in 2013, AudioInFlux gained a loyal following from the jam band scene here in Rochester. The bands most cherished track was a funky reggae ballad remake of Ahmad's 1994 single "Back in the Day" which became an anthem to AudioInFlux's tight-knit fan base. The band returns to the stage one last time for a highly anticipated reunion. DJ Tim Tones will make an appearance along with other surprise guests.

AudioInFlux plays Friday, December 23, at Flour City Station, 170 East Avenue. 9 p.m. $8-$10.;

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