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JAM | The Chris Robinson Brotherhood


I've seen the Black Crowes three times over the years, and I've seen its two founding brothers, Chris and Rich Robinson, once each on their own. When together, fronting the Crowes, these two were rock music's salvation, the much-needed boot in the ass. Separately they proved to be not as dangerous. Am I bummed the Black Crowes have flown the coop? Yes, but the mellower stuff Chris Robinson has ensconced himself in allows for his voice to shine — a voice that is a soulful, pleading, honest wail, and one of the best in rock. This new stuff he is putting forth is suited for the outdoors, what with its earthy honesty, limitless sky, and sunshine. Who knows, maybe they'll slip in an old Crowes nugget in there — if I scream loud enough.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood plays with Samantha Fish and Extended Family on Thursday, August 4, at Party In The Park in Martin Luther King Jr. Park, 353 Court Street. 5 p.m. $5.;