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It's Barack Obama, for the win


[UPDATE 7:52 a.m.] Very early this morning, Kathy Hochul released a statement congratulating Chris Collins on his victory in the 27th Congressional District. In her statement, she said that she's "volunteered to help him make a smooth transition in January to ensure our constituents are well-served.

[UPDATE 11:50 p.m.] The Buffalo News reports that, with 515 of 624 precincts reporting, Republican Chris Collins leads incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul in the 27th Congressional District race. The margin, however, is slim. Collins has 51 percent of the reported vote while Hochul has 49 percent. Those margins were the same in the small part of the district that's in Monroe County.

The district spans several counties and the rest of the poll results may not be available before the morning.

[UPDATE 11:20 p.m.] PBS and NBC are projecting that Obama will get the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the presidency.

[UPDATE 11:12 p.m.] Monroe County is Obama country.

It was pretty much a given that President Barack Obama, a Democrat, was going to win New York, and that he did. And in Monroe County, he received approximate 58 percent of the vote. Republican Mitt Romney received 40 percent of the vote. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson was the only third-party candidate to receive more than 1 percent of Monroe County's vote.

Media outlets across the state called the US Senate race in incumbent Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand's favor early on. She faced a challenge from Republican Wendy Long. Gillibrand won Monroe County with 66 percent of the vote. Long received 32 percent of the vote while the three third-party candidates got less than 1 percent each.

[UPDATE 11:10 p.m.] Incumbent Democrat Harry Bronson had a solid victory over his Republican challenger, Peterson Vazquez.

Bronson received 63 percent of the vote, while Vazquez received 37 percent.

[UPDATE 10:55 p.m.] Democrat Ted O'Brien has come out on top in the race for the state Senate's 55th District seat.

O'Brien and Republican Sean Hanna were running for the open seat; it was previously held by Republican Jim Alesi, who decided not to seek reelection. The race was a contentious one and from the early stages of the campaign O'Brien was the target of untruthful attack ads from an anonymous group.

The race drew statewide interest because it has implications for which party controls the state Senate. That question isn't settled yet, but O'Brien's victory does flip a Republican seat to a Democratic seat.

O'Brien received approximately 64,800 votes to the approximately 59,900 votes Hanna received, according to unofficial results from the Monroe County Board of Elections and the Ontario County Board of Elections.

[UPDATE 10:36 p.m.] Incumbent Democrat Louise Slaughter has defeated Republican challenger Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks in the race for the 25th Congressional District, according to unofficial results from the Monroe County Board of Elections.

The race attracted a lot of attention and a lot of soft money, including a last-minute, $1.3 million ad buy from a Karl Rove-connected group for Brooks.

The race went negative early, with Slaughter's camp firing the first salvo. But Brooks' supporters were particularly nasty, taking digs at Slaughter's age — she's 83 — and appearance.

Slaughter, a native of Kentucky, returns for a 14th term in Congress, while Brooks has three years left as county executive before term limits kick in.

[UPDATE 10:25 p.m.] Republicans in the County Legislature increased their majority by one member tonight. Joe Carbone unseated Stephanie Aldersley, the Democrat who was appointed to a vacant seat earlier this year.

The race was close, which is not a surprise since Carbone came close to beating Democrat Vinnie Esposito, who held the seat before Aldersley, in the 2011 elections. Esposito resigned this year to take a job with the state.

Aldersley served 10 years in the Legislature prior to Esposito’s tenure.

Carbone’s victory brings the Republican majority one vote closer to a two-thirds majority. That’s important in terms of county borrowing, which requires support from two-thirds of the legislators, or 20 out of 29 votes. When Carbone takes office the Republican majority will have 19 members.

At the polls, Carbone led with 52 percent of the vote and Aldersley received 48 percent, according to unofficial results from the county Board of Elections.

[ORIGINAL POST] The big day at last.

We City folk are watching the presidential race closely, of
course. Some pundits are already predicting four more years of gridlock no
matter who wins, but that may depend on who ends up controlling the House and

The Slaughter-Brooks Congressional contest is another big
one. The smart money is on Slaughter, but you haven't seen the last of Brooks. This
strident campaign — on both sides — has dinged Brooks' once impenetrable
popularity, but she's still a very viable candidate. She's term-limited as
county executive, but we're betting she runs again for state or federal office.

Oh, God. Can the Hanna-O'Brien State Senate race just be
over? What an ugly, embarrassing race this has been, mostly due to the pro-Hanna
outside interest groups. Seriously, we have no idea how this race will play
out. The last poll, which showed O'Brien up by 10 points, was a shock.

Control of the State Senate is up in the air and could go
either way.

We'll have reaction to the election results after the polls
close at 9 p.m. today, with more coverage and analysis to follow on Wednesday