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Irondequoit battles emerald ash borer


Irondequoit is the latest Monroe County community to confirm the presence of emerald ash borer infestations.

Town officials say the insects have been found in several locations around Irondequoit, and they plan to remove infested trees in public rights-of-way and plant new trees in their place. The town won't immediately remove healthy ash trees, they say.

"As we have watched the emerald ash borer spread throughout Upstate New York, sadly, this discovery is not a surprise," Supervisor David Seeley said in a press release. "One of Irondequoit's best assets is our tree canopy. As such, we are taking preventative action to ensure public safety and to hopefully help save the thousands of ash trees that make our town so beautiful."

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle that burrows under the bark of ash trees. It has no natural predators in the US, and over time it kills the trees it infests.

A map from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirms ash borer infestations in more than a dozen Monroe County towns, as well as in the City of Rochester. The first infestation was spotted in Chili, near the Henrietta border.