Infrared Radation Orchestra

When: Thu., June 12, 9-11 p.m. 2014

“Burly, grungy, stunning psychedelic garage rock compositions flow out of this group’s wailing guitars, hearkening back to a time when real rock ruled, but with a new dose of profound lyricism and a churning, addictive energy.” – Megan Romer, 2009 GRASSROOTS Program /// “I felt like I was seein’ The 13th Floor Elevators” – sound tech at GRASSROOTS /// “You don’t play guitar like a guitar player. You solo like Coltrane” – a different sound tech at GRASSROOTS /// “You guys sound just like King Crimson.” – a bar patron at a gig /// “You guys sound just like The Monkees.” – a different bar patron, same gig ///