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INDIE ROCK | Weakened Friends


A trio of hipsters from Portland, Maine, Weakened Friends performs angsty pop rock with quizzical vocal melodies, distorted guitar riffs, and untamed energy. Since its formation in 2015, Weakened Friends has released two EP's and a full-length album, earning Portland Music Awards' Best Indie Act in 2017. Guitarist Sonia Sturino sings with an exasperated, shriek-like uptick at the end of her vocal phrases. Meanwhile, Sturino's wife Annie Hoffman wallops along on the bass, and their best friend Cam Jones smashes furiously away at the drums. Weakened Friends performs boisterous head-bangers about heartache and the growing pains of youth.

Weakened Friends will perform along with Calicoco, Borger, and Outside Voices on Saturday, January 12, 9 p.m. at Bug Jar at 219 Monroe Avenue. 9PM. $8-$10. 454-2966.;