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INDIE ROCK | Jake Bellissimo


Rochester singer-songwriter Jake Bellissimo specializes in lo-fi, bedroom indie music that is earnest, charming, and unassuming. With chamber pop orchestration added to the mix, what you've got is damn-near irresistible. Bellissimo — who has also gone by the moniker gay angel — will bring his well-crafted songs to Vineyard Community Space this Saturday as part of a concert lineup that also includes Girl Cock and Yellow Belly. With a new album, "The Good We've Sewn," on the way in October, Bellissimo puts out music that is both idiosyncratic and endearing. At only 22, Bellissimo is a local creator you're going to want to know about in the coming years.

Jake Bellissimo performs Saturday, August 12, at Vineyard Community Space, 836 South Clinton Avenue. $5-$7 suggested donation.;