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INDIE ROCK | Carbon Records Dual Release Show


Though Smugtown Mushrooms doesn't host live music often, it has developed a reputation for high-energy rock shows featuring relevant local bands that don't toe the mainstream line. Exhibit A is Saturday's lineup, which features two Carbon Records bands playing a joint album release show presented by The Psychic Garden. The trio Nod has been a steady presence in Rochester for 28 years and counting. On its new album "So Much Tonight," the sound lands unpredictably between garage rock and art-pop. In contrast, Crush the Junta makes moody rock music that feels like stream-of-consciousness composition, as demonstrated on its latest release, "Hermanos de la Muerte." No matter what you're expecting at this show, you're bound to be surprised. Attic Abasement will also perform.

As part of the label's 25YR Series, the Carbon Records release show takes place on Saturday, November 3, 9 p.m. at Smugtown Mushrooms, 936 Exchange Street. $5 suggested donation.;;