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INDIE POP | Boy Jr.: 'Suck My Finger Again'


A quick disclaimer: do not mistake this infectious pop song and its imperative to engage in unspeakably unhealthy acts of flirtation as a literal call to action. It is, however, safe to listen to this unstoppably catchy three-minute piece of ear candy on a loop, as the soundtrack to a summer of fun that might still be on the horizon (CDC guidelines permitting). Local musician Erica Allen-Lubman, a k a Boy Jr., exploits the sugary stylistic mores of '80s and '90s pop and incorporates a few signifiers from the playbook of heavily produced, millennial radio hits to create an exceptionally well-crafted song. Grammy Award-winning engineer Stephen Roessner lends a hand with the mixing of this odd but enjoyable Cyndi Lauper-meets-Katy Perry hybrid. "Suck My Finger Again" can be heard at