The following email is a love letter. Perhaps the days of perfumed paper, locks of hair, lipstick stamps, and monogrammed wax seals are gone, but romance, as they say, never dies. That's something they say, isn't it? This email is seven years old and the recipient, Richard Parry, is now one of the producers and multi-talented musicians for Montreal-based indie superheroes Arcade Fire.

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From: ------ ---------

To: Richard Parry

Subject: ola de juanita

Date: September 22, 1998


Ma belle,


 I should wish to give you three kisses.

 (they are light and solid all at once)

 *just below your ear


 **on the underside of your arm, where your

 freckles quiet down


 ***right next to your eye (where one day you will

 have laugh lines)