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    From: B. Van Clief
    To: Alex Van Clief
    Subject: Possum or me
    Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002

    Dear Alex,
    I just moved the garbage and there was a possum.

    I am still shaking. I am in the house and the possum is curled
    up under the bag of garbage. I am not taking or moving the
    garbage for now. When Dad comes home he can deal with it.

    Do you realize how big possum teethe are?

    Shak'n Mama in Miami


    From: Jason
    To: Denise
    Date: Thursday, December 9, 1999
    Subject: hey girl


    i think you are pretty! will you come
    live with me and the rest of my elf friends? please. please.

    are you sure you didn't kiss hayden?

    i love you - *jason* everything you
    long for