Props to this week's contributor, Jason, who saved the following email from way back in 1999. We'll let Jason set the stage. Register your constructive criticism at

--- Michael Neault

"Years ago I bought a brand new Honda that was advertised with a special high-efficiency engine. However, there was a huge difference between the gas mileage I was getting and the gas mileage I was supposed to get, and after getting no help from the dealership (either in mechanical tests or with advice on how to drive better) I put up a website to document my complaint.

During the four years I ran the site, I got a lot of e-mail. Almost all of it was intelligent, but I kept a folder I labeled 'Dear Crackpot' and stored some of the most insane responses."

    From: Paulie
    Date: Thu Apr 22, 1999
    To: Jason
    Subject: poor gas milage

    I happen to be a Honda salesperson and the things that you are talking about are
    childish and make you sound like a little baby. Maybe you should get a real life not
    cry about how many miles per gallon your getting. If you would have read the window
    sticker at the bottom it say's that, actual mileage will vary depending on driving
    habits conditions and stuff of that nature.

    Quit being a baby and get over what happened over four (4) years ago. I know for
    a fact that there people that are getting over forty-four (44) miles per gallon.