This entry comes from India, where buffalo are valued for their milk. Read on to see why this matters. Send your sad stories to

--- Michael Neault

From: Kumu J.

To: Carole M.


Date: May 24, 2005


About the problems this end, the buffalo was getting better but since she went berserk and landed herself in the deep ditch (where the garbage is thrown and burnt) she has got worse inspite of the vet coming everyday and giving injections and putting her on glucose etc. Yesterday Dukhi and I had talked to the doc a few days back and he told me the complications involved in her condition but she would get better. Then yesterday Dukhi told me that she's gotten worse. He entire body is covered in blood (due to the fall) and the crows make it worse by pecking on it. Since it is so bad there is no way we can put medicine all over her body, because of her bulk. I told Sati about it last night and we came to the painful conlusion that we'd get her put to sleep.

She has been suffering too much and with her brain having been effected there is no guarantee she will ever be okay. It is very sad but we have to do it. Ofcourse she has not been giving any milk (it would be poisoness anyway). The other milk-giving buffalo is expecting so she has stopped giving milk so we have to get milk from outside now - atleast until she has the baby. As for the water problem it is still there - we are getting muddy water even after getting the well dug to 165ft - the depth was 80 before! Hopefully it will stop after a while. Actually the clean water comes in fits and starts so when the water is clean I ask them to fill up the baltis and put them in the bathroom.


Editor's note: Carole reports that, sadly, "the buffalo died a week later and it cost a great deal to have it carted off."