Ah, the life of a comic strip artist, that's the life for me. Rochester's Nick Gurewitch draws a weekly strip called Perry Bible Fellowship, which can be seen at www.thepbf.com. Send me fan mail at inbox@rochester-citynews.com

--- Michael Neault

From: Kendra

To: Nick Gurewitch

Subject: You

Date: 11/17/2004

Your comics are my favorite things in the entire world. Please never stop making them, because then my world will have no color and food won't tast good. I love you. Let's get married and make a million babies. We can name half Nick Jr. and half Kendra Jr. Sound like a plan? Fabulous.


Kendra of the Secret Wifedom

From: Jeanette 

To: Nick Gurewitch

Subject: PBF.

Date: 11/28/2004

I just went through all the PBF strips today.

My friends and I are wondering whether you're married, and - whether you are or not - if you would like a harem full of girls who give great head and would laugh at all your jokes, and would then converse animatedly about everything from evolutionary psychology to theology to current events to the impending doom of the American financial markets to cheap science fiction paperbacks.

But mostly, we give great head. You've gotta have priorities.