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--- Michael Neault


As you probably know, I work doing research with virtual reality technologies. In the past, I also wrote a paper on computational complexity and have worked on writing libraries to enable programmers to distribute the compute cycles of their programs over multiple computers. People who do web searches sometimes turn up my name, and I get odd requests from time to time on whether I have any expertise in A or have I ever used B and can I help them out. I usually am able to point them to somebody that actually knows how to help them, but I was stumped when I read:

Subject: Time Travelers PLEASE HELP!!

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 03:34:32

From: western@---.com

To: Keith P.

Subject: Time Travelers PLEASE HELP!! ..

If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human and/or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!

Also if you are from any of the following planets and can help me as mentioned please reply: Vadikar, Nefarious, Tralfamadore, Valnator, Travers, Edenad

I come to you for help, and need a way of doing this in the following way exactly in such a way that there will be little or no danger. I come to you in peace. Trust and honesty is an absolutely must!! My life has been severely tampered with and cursed.

I have suffered tremendously and am now dying!

I need to be able to:

Travel physically back in time.

Rewind my life (including my age).

Be able to (remember what I know now) so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back.

I am in great danger and need this immediately!

Only if you are a time traveler or nice alien and have this technology please send me a (separate) email to: