Remarkable correspondence from the consistently unremarkable world of email

Ian Rowland is, by his own definition, a "mind reader and a mind-motivator." Essentially, he is an entertainer who does magic and motivational speaking. However, he describes his performances as "psychic-flavored" on his website, which has attracted an unbelievable variety of emails. Ian does not claim to be psychic, but some people seem to think otherwise. To see more, check his site at

--- Michael Neault

All emails are addressed to Ian Rowland.

Hello, I am writtin' cause i need to ask a question. So here it goes and maybe you can help sence no one else can. I am dateing this guy and my mom don't know about so i called a pshchic and they told me that good luck and bad luck was comin' my way. So my mom found out that i was talkin' to him so it's hard now to talk to him. So can you tell me what is goin' on or can you give me a 1-800-# to call please!


I am from a small Indiana town and I am searching for something. I don't know what. I once met a psychic who was very good and helpful to me; but she is no longer living. I was happier and my life was much better with her guidance; do you know of anyone in this area who is good and could be help me. I'm desperate to find a psychic who can help; before it is too late. thank you.




I have fallen in love with someone. I am here in the UK and he is in Holland..Maybe it was an accident that we met like we did, but tonight, we had cyber sex and I felt EVERYTHING without him even being here. So much so, that I went into shock for a good hour afterwards. I just couldn't stop shaking. It was as if he'd been in the same room as me. It was such a powerful feeling...something I never felt before - usually it's a knotted feeling deep inside - this was more.

A lot more.

What I need to know is if this is a psychic link of some sort.

It's driving me mad!

Please write!"


Dear Sir, I was very much impressed about what you wrote about yourself and I was wondering if you could teach me how to apply some telepathy by giving me some tips through the e-mail... and if this is impossible i would like to ask a question ..R ur powers divine or what? I thank you very much Sir.


Dear Sir, Congradulations on being able to fake looking gimmicks. I was able to assist solve unsolved murders in Perth in WA-solved murders by accurately picking up the murders names and m.o. Try to fake that! I predicted Princes Diana's death weeks before it happened and I have an unblemished accuracy on world events such as the assassination of Ranjivgahandi before it happened. Fake those international predictions which came true 100 per cent. Not all people are scum bag fakes. I was born able to see and hear spirit and communicate with the spirit. I wass responsible to help bring to justice 2 serial killers so there I also predicted where the victims bodies would be found,by whom and where so there. I am a genuine Platform Medium and resent your gimmicks. I am not a fake as my accuracy is well established on solving murders.